Measuring the change you make

Explore different approaches to measuring the value of your work and strategies for involving stakeholders in the process. This workshop will also help you to determine appropriate methods for collecting and analysing data about the change you make.

Learning outcomes

This workshop covers four key learning outcomes

  • Evaluate different approaches to measuring impact, including SROI
  • Recognise the value and methods of involving stakeholders
  • Distinguish between the value and uses of quantitative and qualitative data
  • Apply a range of methods for capturing and analysing data

Who should attend?

This workshop is part of our Impact management series. Together they cover the essentials for social enterprises looking to achieve key impact goals:

  • Increase your trading income
  • Develop and launch new commercial activities
  • Review and redesign your existing business model
  • Create entirely new business models
  • Develop business plans and strategies
We encourage participants to attend a complete series of three Impact management workshops to get the most from their journey with us.

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